Case Results

Case Results

Type of Case Results
Immigration Approval received on 8/28/18, Form I-601A waiver for unlawful presence in the U.S. of an El Salvadoran wife who entered without inspection, and was petitioned by a U.S. citizen husband, for consular processing with US consulate in San Salvador.
Immigration Approved on April 27, 2018, Form N-400, naturalization application, of Brazilian green-card holder who was convicted of felony drug case, but the conviction dismissed pursuant to CA Penal Code Sec. 1203.43, effective on January 1, 2016, upon motion filed by Atty. Mosqueda.
Car Accident

/ Personal Injury

 Settled in August 2018, personal injury case involving intersection collision, where client was making left turn, and filed cross-complaint thru Mr. Mosqueda. Case was globally settled for policy limit of only $15,000, with the dismissals of the Complaint and cross-Complaint.
Divorce /

Family Law

Divorce case with request for order for spousal support and attorney’s fees filed by wife was settled on 8/16/18 in Pasadena Court for guideline spousal support of long-term marriage and minimal Attorney’s fee.  Mr. Mosqueda represented accountant husband.
Ch. 7 Bankruptcy Discharge  Meeting with the Trustee of debtor-client on July 12, 2018, a single mom, awaiting order of discharge from the L. A. Bankruptcy Court.
Real Estate /


Filipino Property seller Client was sued by Real Estate Buyer-flipper who purchased home and alleged several causes of action.  The Long Beach Court ruled in favor of the client of Mr. Mosqueda by finding on January 24, 2018, that the plaintiff-buyer failed to prove general negligence, conversion, and premises liability of defendant-client. Mr. Mosqueda represented the defendant from filing of answer to trial.
Immigration Spanish speaking client was approved for green card after successful approval of I-485 due to Atty. Mosqueda attendance during her interview and hearing.
Divorce/ Family Law  Client was awarded spousal support and reimbursement for legal fees in her divorce settlement with her husband.
Healthcare Elderly Client won damages due to ulcer in Assisted Living Case in Antelope Valley, CA.
Real Estate Co-tenants with disagreement on selling the property was solved with an Approved Motion for Partition by this office in Long Beach, CA.
Workers Comp Long Beach case-  Settled with the employer for over $100,000.
Investment Client had issues with Investment Company. Full $250,000 investment was recovered without going to trial
Criminal/ Immigration Client with minor criminal record was approved for Green Card Status and Oath taking after this Office defended Client in court for both Criminal Defense and Immigration Cases.
Immigration Fiancé visa for Filipina was approved after “intent to marry” was proved by our office prepared petition.
Real Estate Doctor had an issue with Office Lease Agreement. Possible $20,000 rent fine was avoided and dropped against her.

Petty Theft

Petty Theft at Target – Results: No jail time or fine. Charge reduced to Infraction with community service.

Top 5 Largest Cases

Type of Case


Real Estate

Real Estate Developer wins  $1.5 million in Property Dispute

Philippine Horizon vs. County Sanitation District No. 14 of Los Angeles County (Refer Publication for the Article of this case) (LASC Case No. BC 338953)

Trust/Care Giver

Caregiver Awarded Quarter of a Million in Cash & Gifts

Filipina Caregiver received $225,000.00 gift from Trust Estate (Refer Publication for the Article of this case)


$250,000.00 Maximum Awarded for Loss of Child Due to Vaccination
Surviving Parents of Deceased Vaccinated Child Awarded Maximum $250,000.00 by U.S. Court of Federal Claims (Refer Publication for the Article of this case)

Trust / Caregiver

E. D. Trust Case

Filipino caregiver gets 60% of the Trust residue estimated presently at about $840,000.00. deceased , her employer.

Real Estate

Real Estate Investor Receives 1.5 Million from LA County
Wealthy investor in the Lancaster area wins an Eminent Domain claim against LA county. Properties were purchased for next to nothing years before, were valued at $30 – 45,000 each for a total of 1.5 Million.

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