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About Us

The Law Offices of Roman P. Mosqueda – A Law Corporation

Dr. Mosqueda, a valedictorian from grade school, graduated Magna Cum Laude in B.S.   Economics the Ateneo de Manila University, and Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines Law. He was elected President of Student Council of Ateneo de Manila University, University Councilor of the University of the Philippines Student Council, President of the Institute of Student Affairs Leadership Training Conference, and President of National Student League,  an association of student leaders all over the Philippines.  Dr. Mosqueda, aside from his published 500-page doctoral dissertation on products liability from the University of Michigan, is the author of a 700-page book entitled  Marriage and its Dissolution,  and of the Primer of Marriage, published by the Philippine Sunday Express. For over a year, he wrote legal stories in the Philippine Women s Journal. As a student, he was a contributing editor of  the Philippine Law Register. Dr. Mosqueda was a partner of the Quisumbing, Caparas, Ilagan, Alcantara and Mosqueda Law Firm, when he took a leave of absence for Master of Laws and Doctor of Science of Law Studies at the University of Michigan on full scholarship and research grant from the University. He finished his masters and doctorate degree in one year and a half, a record time in the University of Michigan Law School. He opened Mosqueda Law Offices in the mid 1980s to serve Southern California residents.

Dr. Roman P. Mosqueda holds a graduate degree in law, Doctor of Science of Law (SJD) in products liability from the University of Michigan Law School and has published a law book on the   subject in the United States, Philippines and Europe.

University of Michigan – Full Scholarship

After his law graduate studies at the University of Michigan Law School, Dr. Mosqueda was taken as an associate attorney of the Wall Street-area law firm of Florrie L. Wertheimer, where he distinguished himself as a trial lawyer, doing jury trial, in admiralty law, in the Southern District of New York, U.S. District Court, in Manhattan, the only Filipino lawyer having done that. In fact he was praised by U.S. District Court Judge Knapp as,  Making one of the most brilliant pieces of making something out of nothing that I have ever heard in my life,  referring to Dr. Mosqueda s summation in the jury trial of Adams v. Farrell Lines, wherein he represented an injured seaman.

Due to outstanding achievement in the practice of law, Dr. Mosqueda was admitted to practice law in New York without again taking the examination there. Dr. Mosqueda had, however, to take the California general bar examination in 1984, and passed on his first take, the first Filipino-educated lawyer to do so.

He is presently practicing law in Southern California, and he has made presentations in seminars, conferences and meetings of Filipinos and Americans on varied topics of the law and other matters. He is in immigration, admiralty, product liability, family law, corporate and vehicular accidents practice, and other areas of law practice. He represented admiralty law in the Wilmington Rotary Club, where he was the President for 1990-1991.


Philanthropy and Family Life

He is married to an internist and dermatologist, and they have a daughter and a son. He is the only Filipino lawyer who participated in the Trial Advocacy Programs of the Los Angeles County Bar Association in 1985, and was a volunteer prosecutor in the Los Angeles City Attorney s Office. He is the son of former Vice-Governor of Iloilo, Dr. Guardalino Mosqueda, and Dra. Lilia Palanca-Mosqueda of Negros Occidental.

He was formerly director of Fil-Am Kasama Foundation, chairperson of the Fil-Am Los Angeles Community Political Action Committee, as well as director of NAM-SERVE, L.A. Inc. and FASGI, Inc. He was also the chairperson of the Los Angeles-based Ad-Hoc Committee on Sectoral Representation of overseas Filipinos, and director of Fil-Am Political Action Council (FAPAC), and of the Philippine American Bar Association of Los Angeles.

Dr. Mosqueda successfully prosecuted the case of 35 Filipino seamen abandoned on board the MV NASIPIT BAY, by having the Federal District Court in Los Angeles award them their back and current pay, as well as repatriation costs to the Philippines. He also does pro bono work for disadvantaged Filipinos in Los Angeles, as director and legal officer of Fil-Am Kasama Foundation.

Dr. Mosqueda is the current Chairperson of the Philippine-American Trade and Investment Council of Southern California and Chairperson of the Board of Advisers of the Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Center.

He has been the recipient of numerous awards and commendations, the most recent one being the 1987 award for NAM-SERVE L.A., Inc. for his work as chairperson of the Fil-Am Los Angeles Community Political Action Committee, the 1988 Pines Universal Award as the Most Outstanding Overseas Filipino Trial Lawyer for 1988-1989, the 1991 Rotary Club President of the Year Award for district 5280 and the 1992 Outstanding Business Person and Community Leader Award of Searchlight Promotions.

Under his leadership as club president, the Rotary Club of Wilmington, California received the highest number of awards (28) among the forty-nine clubs in Rotary District 5280 for Rotary year 1990-1991. On April 27, 1991, at the Governor s Ball of the Rotary District, Mr. Mosqueda was given a standing ovation as recipient of the No. 1 Rotary Club President of the Year Award.

In pro bono work, his law firm represented the Filipino World War II veterans in their federal suit seeking the unconstitutionality of the  rider  of the 1946 rescission Act, to restore their veteran benefits.

In the January 26, 1988 letter of Special Assistant to the President of the Philippines, Flerida Ruth P. Romero, now Philippine Supreme Court Justice, said of Mr. Mosqueda,  Since Speaker Ramon Mitra was so impressed with you, as he told me after his trip to the United States, he will probably back you up on your efforts to have a bill providing for sectoral representative for overseas Filipinos enacted into law.

In the February 3, 1988 letter of Ambassador Emmanuel Pelaez to Mr. Mosqueda, the Ambassador of the Philippines to the United States said,  Before anything else, I want to congratulate you for the brilliant record that you have achieved which makes every Filipino proud of his country.

After winning a unanimous defendant s verdict on July 1, 1992 in the seven-day jury trial of Dr. Collantes vs. C.E.T., Tidalgo, Esguerra & Dr. Valles, Atty. Mosqueda was complimented by Judge Abby Soven of Department 55, of the Los Angeles Superior Court Central District, as having performed  extremely well,  and by opposing counsel, Mike Marko, as  knowing what he was doing.

He was the recipient of the Community Service Award of the Filipino American Service Group, Inc. (FASGI) in 1995.

He served as President-elect of the Philippine American Bar Association of Los Angeles in 1994-1995, and became its President in 1995, but had to resign due to commitments in the Philippines.

Dr. Mosqueda has obtained high awards for injured seamen, dog bite victims, worker s compensation claimants and other injured victims. He has testified as an expert witness on Philippine and American Laws.

On behalf of the Philippine court appointed administrator, he successfully opposed the opening of Marcos estate proceedings in Los Angeles. In December 1997, the California Supreme Court finally ended all Marcos probate proceedings in California, initiated in 1995.

He was featured in the February 21, 2003 Los Angeles Times article on  Convicted Cambodians Fear Deportation , as the immigration attorney of Chanphirun Meanowuth Min, the nephew of Lon Nol, who was in removal proceedings in the Los Angeles Immigration Court, and for whom he successfully obtained final withholding of removal.

He received the  2003 Businessman of the Year  award by The National Republican Committee s Business Advisory Council, the  2004 Outstanding Professional Award in Law  of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Greater Los Angeles, the Pamana Award USA 2004   Outstanding Businessman of the Year  and  Outstanding Attorney of the Year,  and the  2004 Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal Award.

He was featured on December 27, 2004 by the Los Angeles ABC Channel 7 local news at 5:00 p.m. and by the CNN afternoon news, as the attorney of Filipino seamen, intending to sue the U.S. Government and the shipping owner/operator of M/V Katerina.

He was notified on 2/15/05 of his membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum because of a final judgment of $1.160 million entered on 02/02/04, which he obtained in an immigration- real-estate investment case in the Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana, California.